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Voronoff and Steinach: 1923~Serge Voronoff, the Russian surgeon of Paris who leaped into notoriety about three years ago with his gland transplantation experiments, came into his own at the International Congress of Surgeons in London last week, when 700 of the world’s leading surgeons applauded the success of his work in the ” rejuvenation ” of old men. The sensational claims and misleading publicity which attend the work of seekers after the elixir of youth have obscured Voronoff’s careful experimental basis and have made him suspect with conservative scientific men. But professional opinion is growing more lenient as increasing numbers of surgeons in various countries are experimenting with these methods. In America, Dr. G. Frank Lydston, the eminent Chicago specialist who died last winter, was a pioneer in gland implantation. Voronoff’s book, Life, in which he set forth some of his theories, appeared in English in 1920, and his scientific papers in French journals have been well received.

Dr. Voronoff: 1924:The Monkey Gland Man~In The Forum for May appeared an interview from Dr. Serge Voronoff, Russian surgeon of Paris, so-called ” monkey-gland man” (TIME, July 30). One Armstrong Perry,—* agitated by “the doubts expressed by physicians before and after Voronoff’s demonstration at Columbia University” and by “the flippant comments of unthinking critics,” journeyed to Paris and to the gate of “the restful garden in which goldfish swim in transparent waters under rose bushes and leafy trees.” He found Dr. Voronoff to be “tall, slender, dark, magnetic.” Said the Doctor: “You should understand that every physician attends school for many years. His professors teach him that such and such things are facts. When another physician claims to have discovered new facts that seem to contradict or go beyond those previously known and taught, it is not easy for them to accommodate themselves to the new situation. . . . ” As for the skepticism concerning the results of my operations there is this much foundation for it: in some cases the effect of the greffes testiculaires may be dissipated in from four to six months. . . .

Wool Glands:1924:The press recently broadcasted from Liege, Belgium, the announcement that Surgeon Serge Voronoff, famed French gland-grafter, had stated that it was possible to increase the wool crop of sheep by gland-transplanting. He added that he hoped, by repeating the process on several generations of sheep, to create a special breed unusually wool-productive. He said that he was experimenting on a flock of 3,000 sheep in Algeria

Ape-Child?: 1926:Physiologists convening in Stockholm all but forgot other topics in a furore created by Dr. Serge Voronoff, famed gland-grafter. Last fortnight, Dr. Voronoff told Frenchmen about his extra-heavy three-glanded Algerian rams (TIME, Aug. 9). To his Swedish hosts he revealed that he had grafted within Nora, a mature female chimpanzee, the sex organs of a human female. Then, with assistance from Dr. Elie Ivanoff of Moscow, he had artificially impregnated Nora with human sperms. She was to bear her baby in January and it would be, biologically, a human child. To date, she was progressing normally.

No Ape Child: 1927:Ever since he told a convention of physiologists at Stockholm (TIME, Aug. 16) that he had replaced the ovaries of Nora, mature chimpanzee, with a woman’s ovaries, and then succeeded in; impregnating her with human sperms by artificial means, Dr. Serge Voronoff of Paris has been the subject of much lay and scientific speculation. Nora’s baby, biologically human, but prenatally an ape, was to be born in January. In August she was reported “progressing normally.” Then no more bulletins . . . until last week.

Interview 1927: Dr. Serge Voronoff, gland specialist: “Last week I prophesied in Paris ‘Monkeys will talk and men will live to be 125 years old.’ I went on to relate that I have grafted glands on 1,000 human beings. I have grafted glands on sheep so successfully that their wool yield has been largely increased, 16 pounds added to their weight and their lives prolonged six years. Now I have a monkey farm at Mentone on the French Riviera where I am raising monkeys to supply the tremendous number of monkey-glands that the world will soon demand. I use three types of glands: the thyroid, to stimulate the brain; the suprarenal, to stimulate the heart; and the testicular, to animate the entire physical structure.”

Ape-Woman:1929:The French, at the Pasteur Institute of Kindia, French West Africa, three years ago indicated their daring to make such tests. What results, if any, they had, so far they have kept secret. Nearly three years ago, also, Dr. Serge Voronoff, gland grafter, implanted human female sex organs in Nora, happy chimpanzee and artificially impregnated her. Nora apparently conceived. But no baby was born.

The New Reichstag: 1932

“The German Communists have only one good man and that is a woman: Clara Zetkin”. —Lenin.

One summer day in 1925 dexterous Dr. Serge Voronoff had on his operating table a frail, weazened wisp of a woman. She was only 68 but German Reds hailed her as “The Grandmother of our Revolution!” Years of bitter struggle had aged Frau Clara Zetkin before her time. She needed “rejuvenation.” Dr. Voronoff did his best, grafted in bits of ovarian tissue, pronounced his operation “successful.”

Bull Strong: 1936:Leaving the parade ground, King Carol and his red-headed Magda Lupescu made a sentimental journey to the suburban château where for more than four years they lived in exile (TIME, June 16, 1930). Taking the Blue Train to Nice, they were up until dawn, dancing in the streets at a city fete. Next day His Majesty, 42, motored out to the villa of famed Dr. Serge Voronoff, monkey-gland rejuvenator.

Experimental Masculinity:1938 Ten years ago a Frenchified Russian, Dr. Serge Voronoff, and a Kansan who almost became Governor of his State, Dr. John Richard Brinkley, made fame & fortune by grafting monkey and goat glands into decrepit males. Later a Viennese, Dr. Eugen Steinach, finding gland grafts useless, got beneficial results by a small operation which prevented the gradual loss of male hormones, which make men virile. But the real advance in man’s age-old search for virility began only: 1) when Dr. Adolf Butenandt of Germany, after treating 62,500 gallons of urine, succeeded in crystallizing one two-thousandths of an ounce of male sex hormone called “androsterone”; 2) when Leopold Ruzicka of Switzerland manufactured a similar substance “testosterone” from the fat of sheep’s wool (TIME, Sept. 2, 1935).

Odds and Ends, 1948: Luck was with almond-eyed Gertrude Voronoff, cousin-of Magda Lupescu Hohenzollern and wife of Dr. Serge Voronoff, 82-year-old exponent of youth-through-monkey-glands. A Bronx housewife had found what she thought was a cheap, flower-shaped brooch. After wearing it occasionally for two years, she discovered that it was set with 194 diamonds, 21 carved rubies and 56 amber topazes, and was worth some $5,000. She turned it over to the police, who recalled that such a brooch had been reported lost in 1943 by Mme. Voronoff, who promptly cabled from Monaco claiming it.

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