Secret Society


During his time, Serge Voronoff was associated with many secret societies, including the Golden Dawn, French Freemasonry, and the Cosmic Movement.  Beginning with his first wife Marguerite Barbe, an alchemist who may have died in a laboratory explosion.  She was the model for the above painting, Julien Champagne’s Vessel of the Great Work, a table of elements hidden within the philosopher’s stone of hermetic wisdom.  Champagne was also known as Fulcanelli, the famous and possibly immortal alchemist. Thanks to Archer for connecting the dots.

Louise was a member of the occult circle which gathered at the salons of the Lesseps family (children of Ferdinand de Lesseps) in Paris.  The people that met there ranged from high society elite to such revolutionary artists  as Andre Breton and Pablo Picasso.  Barbe was close friends with Irene Hillel-Erlanger, who wrote Voyages in Kaleidoscope, which is considered to be the first surrealistic novel.

In the Historical Introduction to Temple Ahathoor in Paris, Jean Pascal refers to Mdme. Voronoff as Mrs. Marguerite Voronoff (Soror Semper Ascendre) who left documents within the temple concerned mainly with alchemy.  She is also mentioned in regards to Fulcanelli-ferdinandy de Lesseps who was in contact with the creator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn MacGregor Mathers, WB Yeats, and Aleister Crowley.  See the full text translated from French here.

into the high grades of Egyptian Freemasonry.

The Cosmic Movement


The Cosmic Movement was led by Max Theon and his wife Alma.   They formed their mystic circle in the Saharan town of Tlemcen, southern Algiers.  It is highly likely that Dr. Voronoff knew Theon in Algiers, but they could have met in Cairo, or Paris.   Theon inspired the forming of the Hermetic Order of Luxor in London in 1884 and may be the secret teacher of Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy.

Theon also had a strong influence on Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Morriset, a Parisian of Egyptian descent who became known later in India as Mother.

Mirra at Tlemcen

“Among those which paid a certain attention to cosmic work, one can quote President Mazaryk, the poets Helene Vacaresco and Anna de Noailles, Dr. Serge Voronoff, Edouard Schuré, Dr. Schrenck-Notzink, the Princess of Rohan to Vienna, the hellenist Mario Meunier, the Pechkoff General, the Marchioness Ali Maccarani of Florence, the Guillaumin painter, Georgette Leblanc etc. from Cosmic Philosophy byPascal Themanlys

Papus is mentioned repeatedly in connection with Theon, Martinism, and French Freemasonry.  Papus, a well-known mystic, was a member of a number of occult organizations including the Cosmic Movement, Theosophy, and the Golden Dawn.  He is known to have advised the last czar of Russia during the time of Rasputin.   From a History of the Martinist Order

Another site full of names including Voronoff and Papus, is at Manifestations of Martinism.  The orders brush against the esoteric world on many different levels, traveling through time.

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