New York Times


1914: Cured by a Monkey Gland: Cretin Turned into a Quick-witted Boy by Dr. Voronoff

From the New York Times 1914: Bone Grafting in the Army: Dr. Voronoff discovered bone grafting with Nobel-Prize winner Alexis Carrell at New York’s Rockefeller Institute.  Announced the first successful bone grafting of a monkey arm bone into a soldier at the Russian hospitol of  Bordeaux.

1919 PARIS, Oct. 12.–I have interviewed Dr. Serge Voronoff, whose claims to have attained amazing results in experiments having for their object the restoration of youth and the prolongation of human life have aroused world wide interest.

1920: A Modern Quest For the Fountain of Youth: by VAN BUREN THORNE, M.D.:

DR. SERGE VORONOFF’S book, “Life,” in which he tells of his experiments in grafting or implanting sex glands in animals, is chiefly remarkable for the things it does not contain.

1921: Death of Evelyn Bostwick Voronoff

1921: DR. VORONOFF ON BOARD French Surgeon Brings Body of Wife Here to NYC for Burial

New York Times: October 6, 1922, Friday

PARIS, Oct. 5.–The French Academy of Medicine this afternoon refused to allow Professor Serge Voronoff to read a communication on grafting interstitial glands at the thirty-first congress of French surgeons.

After he was “Hooted and Denied by French Doctors Congress”, Professor Voronoff  gave the NYTimes correspondent a copy of the communication he had intended to make before the Congress, illustrated by scientific films and slides.  He planned to present two men who were rejuvenated and whose hair was growing, where once they were bald.  Read the whole article here.

1922: VORONOFF BUYS MONKEYS.; Gets Chimpanzees in Street Fair– To Use No Other Species.

1922, PARIS, Oct. 7.--In the laboratory of the College de France, Professor Serge Voronoff this afternon delivered an eagerly awaited lecture on his work connected with grafting the interstitial glands of higher apes onto man.

1922: PARIS, Oct.10.–The claim is made by Dr.Cruchet, of Bordeaux, that he has succeeded in transfusing the blood of animals to human beings. The doctor also intimates that his discovery will rival in popularity the gland grafting of Dr.Voronoff.

June 20, 1922 :EXPECTS TO REPLACE ALL VITAL ORGANS; Dr. Voronoff Announces Startling Discovery in Substitutions From Chimpanzees.FIRST TESTS SUCCESSFULSurgeon Has Operated on Americans and Has a LongWaiting List.

PARIS, June 19.–Dr. Serge Voronoff’s monkey gland experiments have led to the startling discovery that apparently it is possible to transplant all the vital organs of a chimpanzee to human beings.

October 7, 1922: vORONOFF PATIENT TELLS OF NEW LIFE; Liardet Thinks Gland Operations May Enable Him toLive 150 Years.WRINKLES GO, HAIR COMESHe Declares Surgeon Charged HimNothing for Services–Assailsthe Detractors.

1922:VORONOFF’S NEW TESTS GAIN PRESS SUPPORT; Paris Newspapers Defend Gland Scientist–Now Seeking to Rejuvenate Women. the article is here.

1922:French to Breed Apes to Supply Science

1938VORONOFF, 64, WEDS VIENNESE, AGED 20; Rejuvenation Surgeon’s Bride Is Cousin of Mme. Lupescu, Friend of King Carol. ON PARIS HONEYMOON TRIP read the article here.Marriage Took Place in Austrian Consulate in Bucharest Instead of in France.

April 28, 1934, SaturdayBUCHAREST, Rumania, April 27 (AP). — Professor Serge Voronoff, champion of monkey-gland rejuvenation, 64 years old, and Fraulein Gertrude Schwaetz, 20 years old, were married here last night….


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