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In Memory of Serge Voronoff : A newly re- discovered story by Francis Pastonchi of Lunch With Dr. Voronoff and Sergei Diagheliv From “Bridges in Time” published in Milan 1945.  The lunch mentioned took place in 1928, one year after the publication of The Conquest of Life : ” More than a hope than a promise – he corrects finely. – But the world needs hope, you see” the Doctor said.

From the San Remo News, June 2009, an article briefly discusses a resurgence in interest regarding the gland doctor:

“The hopes raised by his transplant technique filled pages and pages of the newspapers of the times and stimulated the imaginations of his contemporaries. A scientist was the background activity of a life that can certainly be called out of the ordinary.”

Another site with the same article at but, strangely, only Barnaba’s facebook fan site is mentioned, not this wordpress site.  But of course, I am creating this from so far away in America, why would they want to include my site in an article about Dr. V? Hmm

Voronoff: Scientist or Businessman? An excellent article by Enzo Barnaba, originally published in  La Gazzetta di Grimaldi, June 2005.  The article summarizes the Dr’s life and ends with tantalizing ideas of an animated film by Ydea Vallecrosia and an updated version of Jean Real’s biography (which I haven’t read yet)

The life of Voronoff, which is itself a novel When it comes to Voronoff, we feel all colors. That ranges from mad scientist on human guinea pigs hypertrophic transplanting organs of gorillas, and as to Count Dracula lives in a sulphurous castle to the gourmet who invented the pepatissimo thread that still peeps in the menus of upscale restaurants.”

A Visit to Villa Voronoff: griiiii

From The Continual Search for the Fountain of Youth by Carole Haber:

“while in France, the French Surgical Congress and Academy of Medicine refused to support Voronoff’s ideas or provide a platform for his research. Voronoff, however, simply characterized these associations as “decaying, rundown organizations who opposed all change and innovation”. Despite increasing doubts about the efficacy of his operation, he continued to perform both human and animal operations to popular acclaim.”


The founder of Dr. Voronoff Laboratory was Prof.  Serge Voronoff (1866 to 1951). Dr. Voronoff was born in the city of Voronezh, Russia, and moved to Paris, where after finishing his academic studies, he developed his therapy techniques Dr. Serge Voronoff anti-cell aging achieving notoriety as a result of which is recognized as the founder of Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy.  The work done by Dr. Voronoff, was the basis for all cellular therapies known today.

From a review of  Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Heart of a Dog by Erica Fudge:

“Voronoff’s work encapsulates the problem of the human that I am proposing: the performance of the experiment simultaneously reveals human animality and human dominion, and the human is unhumanned and humanned in one movement.”

sergeThis audio recording from OurMedia Internet Archive and features an interview/documentary/spoof about Dr. Voronoff.  At this early time I cannot determine what these Dutch/French/German people are saying but it is very entertaining with soundeffects.

This article about Curious Glandular  XenoImplants from Brazil deals with the time Serge Voronoff went to Brazil during the Jornadas Médicas, 1928 and the subsequent demonstration of his technique of xenotransplantation of the medical profession.An analysis based on current scientific parameters is presented with the suggestion of possible involvement of xenotransplantation in the epidemiology of HIV.

serge1The above image is of Dr. Serge with 3rd wife Gerty entering the American Embassy in Paris.  View the entire film at the Steven Speilberg Film Archives.

ALthough I believe that Life a Means of Restoring Vital Energy is linked in the Publications Page, I have rediscovered it online and feel compelled to link it again for future reading and reminding of the Dr.’s first publication with some very strange pictures.

A future quest will yield more links with exploring Sorbonne and Faculty of Medicine Paris.

Anthropology Society of Paris refers to Voronoff’s study of the chimpanzee pgs. 16-18

Boronoff or Voronoff? “Much of the information, reproduced here, we were provided by Aaron Voronoff, artist American, living in Oregon.Descendant of Sergei, his family settled in the United States after the Holocaust. Aaron Voronoff currently leads the family in finding and organizing all the information about your ancestor. It is their desire to go to Torres Novas to know something of a heritage, which intersects with the story of his great-great-grandfather.

Who was Jacob Voronoff? His estate was debated in Washington D.C. 1964 involving Edna and Fanny Voronoff, 1920!!! From US Court of Appeals.

Voronoff Family Search through US Social Security Death Index?!?!?!

Living Voronoffs in the US…from the Intelius People Search

American Voronoffs listed at Dex Knows White Pages

and some Voronoff phone numbers at Yahoo People

25 Voronoffs listed in the US at AnyWho.Com

From Sens Scientific Edition: a synopsis of the book Rejuvenation with a ‘unique bio’

Archer Champagne’s Portrait of Serge

Encyclopedia of the Spirit

Skynet Blogs

Historia Viva Known for creating a revolutionary method of rejuvenation, Dr. Voronoff had a large clientele, which included public figures and artists from around the world. Their theories also had success in Brazil, where he was posting the method and doing surgeries that same year.

From the Paris National Archives

queuilleFrench President and WW2 Leader of the Resistance Henri Queuille had correspondence with Serge at least once in 1928 (see page 6, item B12 Letters) , possibly regarding the gland grafting in Algeria. Thanks to Jean Favier and Herve Basien for the archives.

Who remembers Voronoff?! The review of Jean Real’s book mentions ” the Fort of Hercules overlooking the red rocks of Mentone, also known as Chateau Grimaldi; Villa Voronoff.”

Testicle Transplants and AIDS : A disturbing article…

Goat Glands and John Brinkley, his original text and photos.

Ilya Ivanov and Stalin’s Monkey Hybrid Program

more about Ilya Ivanov at Hybrid Primates.  His wikipedia. and a possible connection to AIDS.

Ever heard of a Humanzee?!

From Incredibly Strange Books the Blog, a profile of Dr. Voronoff

Ape Man in Riviera, an Italian article : A policeman and a student both claimed to have seen an ape with a human face standing tall not far from Grimaldi, which has been converted into a home for the elderly.

A Brazilian article all about Voronoff’s ‘Curious Gland Transplants’

Hemerotica an Illustration of Voronoff in action

Steroids and Monkey Glands in Sports: “Voronoff himself appears to have been a sincere but self-deluded crusader of the rejuvenation movement…”

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