Film & Video


My latest discovery comes from the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive.  It is a 9 minute silent black and white film of the goings-on at the American embassy in Paris in 1938.  Dr. Voronoff and his wife, Gerty, make a too brief appearance near the beginning.

An Interview and History of Rejuvenation thanks to Riccardo Cepach from the Svevo Museum. A discussion of Serge Voronoff begins at 4:20

DR. VORONOFF REVISITADO a radio show with visuals of Voronoffiana.

“The search for rejuvenation has always been an obsession in the history of mankind. And Voronoff in modern medicine, is one of their symbols.”

Amazing XenoGrafts of Voronoff (with the famous Brazilian song)

and an article from the National Library of Brazil

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