Chateau Grimaldi

Dr. Voronoff’s home, clinic, and monkey farm…Grimaldi

“Voronoff saw a great future in the monkey business. The doctor said,”Each monkey may be compared to workshop in which Nature, the great craftsman, turns out organs capable of being transplanted into the human body..”

grThis image was discovered on Alberto Cane’s website, a photo from Studio Mariani.

“The monkey farm then, will constitute great factories designed to supply designed to provide spare parts for the human machine…the most precious factories man can possess for they will hold in reserve the very elements of life essential to his life.” S.V.

From the book Man Against Aging by Stephen DeRopp full text here

“…After her husband Phillips died, Maya moved to Chateau Grimaldi and married the Compte de Valbranca, despotic Italian diplomat of extreme right-wing views. They sold the chateau to Dr. Serge Voronoff who conducted experiments on the sexual glands of monkeys he kept caged on the grounds.”~Diana Souhami


The Grimaldi Tower (translated from the Italian ”….The district subsequently became property of the Russian Count Serge Voronoff, renowned endocrinologist, who built a villa with attached laboratory in which experiments led become famous.  Damaged during the war, in the late seventies past the villa was bought by a real estate company which transformed into residences, radically altering the interior”

From Il Mascallero: (Italian history):  “The scientist had bought a property at Grimaldi, a villa border ‘whose windows on one side were on Italy and France on the other. There he wanted to create a herd of monkeys, which are essential for the care and found difficulty with the market.  He was left in peace by ‘demorazza, bureaucratic entities generated by the infamous anti-Semitic laws, although it had not escaped the detection of the citizens of the Jewish race ready in August 1938. In May 1939 s’imbarcò for the United States and there are not moved after the outbreak of World War II. The brothers Alexander and George, remained in France, were rakes and died at Auschwitz. Voronoff could take back, ended the conflict, its ownership, bad and devastated, and planned to rearrange. Lausanne, in 1951, he fell badly out of the bathtub and died after a long agony.grimFrom”Newspapers reported that she knits for the poor, that she was kissed by an ape at Dr. Voronoff’s monkey farm near Menton, France, that young female operagoers at the Met banded themselves into “Lily Pons Fans,” in imitation
of the “Gerry-flappers” of Soprano Farrar 20 years ago.

Wild Girls is the critically acclaimed true story of two wealthy American heiresses—one an artist, the other a writer—whose stormy, passionate love affair captivated Paris’s salon set between the wars. Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks were rich, American, eccentric, and grandly lesbian. They met in Paris in 1915, and their relationship lasted more than fifty years, despite infidelity, separation, and temperamental differences. Romaine Brooks, a painter, was the product of an unhappy childhood and trusted no one but Natalie. Natalie Barney was passionate about life, sex, and love. Her Friday afternoon salons, attended by Gertrude Stein, and Colette and Edith Sitwell, were a magnet for social introductions and cultural innovations.


A current image of the Castle appears on this Villa Vacation site



from the hotel site Trova Casa…rent a room at the beautiful Villa Voronoff!!g

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