Algerian Animal Experiments

AlgiersFrom an Algerian Newspaper, 1927JaffyJaffy, the Old Bull, before a testicular GraftSuper BullWith Jaffy, the ‘Super-Bull’, four years after being grafted with testicle glands from a younger bull.  Examined by delegates from French and Algerian governments.The ewe on the right was born of a non-grafted Ram, the one on the left was sired by a Grafted Ram.  With M. Proust, Dr. S. Voronoff, N. Trouette. and Minister of Agriculture.With DelegatesWith delegates from France, Venezuela, Algeria, and other countries.

From an archive of British Government discussions regarding Dr. Voronoff:”Dr. Serge Voronoff has not been invited to visit this country in connection with the improvement of livestock, but a scientific mission was recently sent to Algiers by the Ministry of Agriculture” Find links to the various discussions here.

In 1913 the Department of Animal Eugenics sent a delegation from Edinburgh to French Algiers to inspect Dr. Voronoff’s claims of rejuvenating livestock through testicular grafting.  An article printed in The Journal of Animal Science is here.

From TIME magazine, 1924: The press recently broadcasted from Liege, Belgium, the announcement that Surgeon Serge Voronoff, famed French gland-grafter, had stated that it was possible to increase the wool crop of sheep by gland-transplanting. He added that he hoped, by repeating the process on several generations of sheep, to create a special breed unusually wool-productive. He said that he was experimenting on a flock of 3,000 sheep in Algeria.

This article appeared in the Sydney Mail, May 25th, 1927: “When announcement was first made of Dr. Voronoff claiming the production of a race of super-sheep…”

From The Improvement of Livestock… the report from the British Ministry of Agriculture , 1928.

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